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Carpet Cleaning After Water Loss in Stony Brook Homes

6/16/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Carpet Cleaning After Water Loss in Stony Brook Homes Don’t let your carpet give you more problems than you need.

Let SERVPRO help you save your carpet.

Significant water loss incidents within your Stony Brook home require multiple levels of recovery, drying, and cleaning. While our professionals can arrive quickly with advanced equipment and tools to manage extraction and moisture removal, cleaning up after eroded contents and damaged construction materials requires not only state-of-the-art machines but also commercial-grade cleansers. Many water loss incidents can see areas like your carpeted floors getting replaced if saturation persists for too long, but if drying happens quickly enough, our professionals must only thoroughly clean this flooring material.

It has always been a mindset of our SERVPRO team to provide adequate water cleanup and restoration efforts for your Stony Brook home in a minimalistic manner. We want to get jobs done quickly and completely, and with this goal, lean heavily on industry-leading equipment for powerful mitigation. These techniques can save our customers time and money on the restoration work to follow, but also, can keep the damages from getting worse and affecting new areas of your house.

Carpeting is a natural magnet for all manner of dust, debris, dander, and contaminants. While homeowners can address the upper layers of this soiling with regular vacuuming, the bulk of the sediment rests at the base of the fibers against the backing of the material. When water loss incidents occur, this tightly packed soiled area can loosen and affect the entire appearance and feel of carpeted floors.

Our SERVPRO professionals have sophisticated carpet cleaning units for both steam cleaning and hot water extraction approaches that can quickly improve both the look and function of this flooring material. Often our focused cleaning efforts at this stage of restoration can be enough to preserve the carpeting, but if soiling and degradation are too excessive, we might have to remove this material altogether.

Cleaning is an overlooked aspect of restoration when held against the powerful machines that play a role in mitigation. To protect areas like soiled carpets after water loss incidents, you can trust in the fast response and the equipment of our SERVPRO of Port Jefferson team to make this damage “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime you need us at (631) 476-5300.

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Call The Experts At Fire Damage Remediation in Setauket Today

6/15/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Call The Experts At Fire Damage Remediation in Setauket Today A nice fire in the fireplace can turn sour very quickly and cause serious fire damage. Contact SERVPRO today for all remediation needs.

Crucial Stages when Restoring Fire Damage in Setauket

When fire razes any property, it leaves widespread destruction and therefore restoring your Setauket home to its preloss state after such an incident takes different steps. Some stages in the process are crucial to the outcome and therefore require keenness. Our professional fire damage restoration service can help resolve the crisis after such incidents eliminating traces of damage "Like it never even happened."

It is only possible to fix fire damage in Setauket effectively if all types of damages are identified. Apart from charring and soot on surfaces, fire also leaves other types of damages, including seared materials, invisible smoke deposits, and residues that penetrate beyond the surface. We have IICRC certified FSRT, Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians at SERVPRO who carry out a wide range of checks. We check residue deposit patterns on surfaces starting close to the fire source. We also check the level of damage on items and separate them into categories of salvageable, unsalvageable, and questionable items.

Removing damaged materials from the affected areas helps create room for the restoration processes. Since flames affect building materials and contents as well, debris removal involves some level of tear down. The damaged materials also require proper containment; otherwise, they would scatter, complicating the disposal process. Our SERVPRO technicians have the skill to perform teardown without causing unnecessary damage. We also have waste bins and heavy-duty plastic bags to prevent unnecessary scattering.

The combination of residues from the combustion process, the water used to fight the fire and the shuffling of people in and out of a loss site leave it filthy. A thorough cleanup is, therefore, necessary for the home to be habitable. Our SERVPRO technicians use wet and dry methods to clean different materials. We also use specialized cleaning methods such as soda blasting which offers deodorization qualities and also helps restore charred surfaces without causing further damages.

In case of fire loss, SERVPRO of Port Jefferson can help manage the restoration process. You can reach us at (631) 476-5300 any time.

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Our Specialists Were Able To Restore A Damaged Fireplace In Port Jefferson

6/5/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Specialists Were Able To Restore A Damaged Fireplace In Port Jefferson Fireplace restoration is just one of many services we can provide to return your home to preloss conditions.

How Our Port Jefferson Fire Damage Team Restored This Fireplace

Opening your flue allows oxygen into the fireplace, letting it burn more efficiently. It also plays a part in decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide and smoke in the room by channeling it through the dampers- small steel shutters inside your chimney. Forgetting to open the flue before igniting your fire could cause emissions to back up, resulting in soots and smoke being spat out from your fireplace.

One of the customers who forgot to open their flue caused severe fire damage in Port Jefferson. The main concern for them was that their stunning stone fireplace had taken the brunt of the damage and a wholesale replacement could have cost thousands of dollars in removing the existing fireplace, ordering a new one and installation fees. Our team was able to rectify much of the damage using SERVPRO's patented Mason cleaner.

By phoning professionals, this customer ensured that no further damage was caused. Most household cleaners are unable to remediate thick smokes or soot damage effectively. Attempting to clear away soiling from a fire like this could have resulted in spreading soot around, causing harm to floors, walls, and masonry. SERVPRO technicians are equipped with the expertise and the equipment to give your home the best chance of returning to its preloss condition.

As you can see, most of the damage sustained was confined to the upper half of the fireplace. That's because smoke rises upwards, traveling into clean air pockets. There is a heavy soot deposit because the shut flue increased the air pressure inside the chimney. High-pressure fires cause more problems because smoke residues are forced deeper into the surface and can eat away at the finish.

We needed to use an aggressive cleaning product to tackle the heavy set soot but also one that was non-corrosive and would not damage the finish of the stone behind it. Our technicians have access to a full range of chemical agents, including patented cleaners that are not available from any other company. By using SERVPRO's mason cleaner, we successful restored the damage and saved the customer from an expensive replacement.

Fireplace restoration is just one of many services we can provide to return your home to preloss conditions. Contact SERVPRO of Port Jefferson at (631) 476-5300.

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Rocky Point, Water Losses, High Humidity, and SERVPRO Solutions

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Rocky Point, Water Losses, High Humidity, and SERVPRO Solutions SERVPRO Can Dry Out Your Rocky Point Property after a Water Damaging Event--Even from High Humidity

High Humidity Concerns for Your Rocky Point Residence

Higher humidity levels are a common complaint and catalyst of problems that could affect Port Jefferson area homes. Without the appropriate management of this situation, many more traumatic scenarios could erupt with little warning, including mold growth and structural degradation. Understanding what to do and what you can expect from professional restoration teams like ours can better prepare you for what must happen to protect your house from irreparable moisture damages.

With so many water damages that could originate from dampness and moisture in your Rocky Point home, combatting these conditions is imperative to protecting the investment in your property and the contents and people inside. As you might expect, multiple tools and machines can effectively address humidity in your home, and our SERVPRO experts can show up fast with the full measure of our equipment inventory to get recovery started immediately.

The most critical piece of equipment that our professionals utilize in situations with high grain moisture content like the sometimes excessive humidity along the harbor leading to the Long Island Sound is our array of dehumidification devices. Our Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers (LGR) can handle large loss scenarios, but they are also ideal for widespread dampness that could begin to saturate construction materials, flooring, and open areas of your property.

Moisture detection equipment can help our SERVPRO professionals to identify problem areas within your home that could continue to be an issue even after effective drying has taken place. In some cases, our technicians must recommend or encourage continued efforts after restoration to manage moisture in areas like basements of homes in the region. By installing a permanent dehumidifier in problem areas, homeowners only have to manage collection trays to reduce damaging moisture content in the air continually.

Higher humidity levels are a given that many homeowners throughout the area must contend with regularly with the proximity to the harbor. Our SERVPRO of Port Jefferson team can help you to manage this situation and prevent further compromising scenarios like mold growth or structural degradation. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (631) 476-5300.

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Answered: Your Burning Questions About Water Damage Remediation in Setauket

5/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Answered: Your Burning Questions About Water Damage Remediation in Setauket Carpets can be soaked and ruined by water damage. Don't try and salvage them alone. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

How Fast Can Water Damage Happen in Setauket

Want to know how quickly water damage can happen? Imagine you put a load of laundry in the washing machine and went out to mow the lawn. You were not very far away but during the hour or so you were outside, gallon after gallon of water spilled on your floor from a broken hose.

Indoor water spills causing water damage in Setauket homes are not an uncommon call we get. A common mistake many homeowners make is to throw down towels and wipe the walls and think that is enough. However the water has also had an opportunity to travel behind baseboards, wick into drywall and if it has reached carpeted areas, the carpet and padding can have moisture problems.

It is crucial to engage a professional cleanup company when your home has a water loss. SERVPRO technicians remove any standing water and use different types of moisture detectors to determine precisely where there is an excess of moisture. Extra time is spent extracting as much water as possible wherever it has collected as it lessens the drying time for the room.

Our technicians are specially certified in the science of air and water vapor and have working knowledge for using the right equipment configurations to dry your home using techniques that pull moisture up and out of building materials and room contents. When a room has the moisture levels appropriately reduced, it lowers the probability of secondary damages such as mold growth or odors.

After drying, our technicians clean the area with our EPA-registered disinfectants. This hand cleaning is another step in our remediation process that further inhibits both mold and foul odors. Once the cleanup is complete, SERVPRO technicians go over the areas addressed and ensure homeowners are satisfied with our work. We can also offer suggestions for repairs to ensure the washing machine should not be a contributor to a water spill in the home again.

SERVPRO of Port Jefferson is available to assist you with water damage cleanup 24-hours a day at (631) 476-5300. Our technicians are local and proudly serve our community mitigating water loss to make it "Like it never even happened."

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Attention Rocky Point Homeowners--SERVPRO Can Restore Your Home Following Leaks in Pipe and Drain Lines

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Attention Rocky Point Homeowners--SERVPRO Can Restore Your Home Following Leaks in Pipe and Drain Lines SERVPRO Says--Inspect for Drain and Water Line Leaks to Help Prevent Water Damage to Your Rocky Point Home

Cracks in Drainage Pipes Lead to Water Damage in Rocky Point Residences

Winter weather in Rocky Point brings us many days of freezing snow and ice. Such cold temperatures cause water in pipes to swell, sometimes cracking those pipes and letting leaks develop. Drainage pipes can also sustain similar problems. When drains leak, however, they only do so while you are flushing water through a tub or sink.
Without the pressure found in the water pipes supplying your Rocky Point home, these broken-down drains leak water into your home and cause water damage at a much slower pace than if a break occurred in a feed line. Because water coming from a drain seeps in at a slower rate, as well as below the floor, it may take months to notice the situation.
SERVPRO's water damage specialists hold certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and can restore your home “Like it never even happened” after such a situation develops. We use thermo-hygrometers to detect excessive amounts of water vapor in the air. Leaks in your residence's drainage system can create a damp environment, as well as a foul odor. When we detect elevated moisture in your home's air, our infrared imaging cameras show us areas holding increased amounts of moisture in the nearby materials.
When drains turn out as the source of the water damage inside a house, sealing these off or otherwise repairing them protects our subsequent work on the materials of the home. Without locating the area allowing water to leak into your home, mitigating and restoring any areas with water damage becomes pointless.
Cutting away any elements of the home that we cannot restore requires replacements, so we always remove as little as possible. As we do this, we keep an eye out for mold damage and additional hazards. Water can corrode electrical conduits, as well as cause other problems. We advise you of each new development and assist you in deciding which options best suit your needs.
SERVPRO of Port Jefferson can help restore your home, every step of the way, when water damage ruins our home. Call us at (631) 476-5300. We serve those in Miller Place, Mount Sinai, and Poquot.

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We Have The State Of The Art Equipment To Restore Your Port Jefferson Home

4/29/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage We Have The State Of The Art Equipment To Restore Your Port Jefferson Home We have the expertise and experience to handle any flood damage disaster in your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Rising Instances of Flood Damage in Port Jefferson

Flash flooding after heavy rains in the Port Jefferson area has grown more frequent in recent years. The Village’s drainage infrastructure becomes overwhelmed, forcing rainwater runoff into properties rather than guiding it away. Finding a reliable flood remediation company might be on your agenda the next time extreme weather dumps several inches of rain over a brief period, some of which intrudes into your house. Our highly-qualified team can help.

When flood damage prone sectors of Port Jefferson contend with overland incursions of water your home’s foundation and basement take a beating. Large quantities of water trapped inside the lower levels of your residence require immediate removal to prevent progressive deterioration of structural components. Any furnishings, documents, and other personal possessions stored in your cellar also need specialized attention from skilled content technicians to return to a usable condition.

SERVPRO often recommends a pack-out to streamline the restoration of your home’s contents while also making water removal and structural drying inside your house easier. We create detailed inventories of the items removed with our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS), tracking articles with lists, digital pictures, and barcoding. Our production facility crews track the evaluation, cleaning, and drying of the packed-out items and store restored items in climate-controlled space until they can be transported back to your home.

At your home, our IICRC-trained technicians assess the structural damage and devise a remediation plan. SERVPRO’s service vehicles stock submersible pumps and water extractors we immediately put into action removing water. Flood waters frequently contain contaminants, everything from sewage backup and lawn or road chemicals to dead animals to mud and sand to salt water from sea surge. Our crews are familiar with appropriate containment techniques and lawful disposal procedures for the Category 2 and 3 (Grey and Black) water.

Once the water exits we move on to structural drying and disinfecting. The SERVPRO crew sets up a perimeter of air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to transfer moisture out of building materials into the warm, dry air where we trap it through evaporation or absorption, gathering it into containers for permanent removal. EPA-registered disinfectants applied throughout the affected areas reduce the possibility of fungal growth and kill residual bacteria and viruses.

SERVPRO of Port Jefferson has the skilled staff and state of the art equipment to remediate your flood disaster. Call us day or night at (631) 476-5300 to schedule an assessment.

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Does Your Port Jefferson Business Have a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan?

4/22/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Does Your Port Jefferson Business Have a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan? Reservations for two should not include water damage.

Prepare for Unexpected Water Damage to Your Port Jefferson Business

Your Port Jefferson restaurant or gift shop caters to both residents and visitors to our beautiful village on the north coast of Long Island. The last thing you need is the disruption and chaos of a water loss, but it does happen. To avoid disappointing customers and losing their business for a time or permanently consider working with our experienced project managers on a proactive approach to any possible water event. 

Commercial water damage in Port Jefferson can have many causes. Plumbing springs leaks and appliances malfunction, both instances capable of closing your doors for the short term. Unfortunately, statistics show that a business that needs to shut down and regroup after a water disaster can see the short term need turn into a permanent closure. We have options to prevent the double tragedy of water damage and business loss. 

Developing a personalized SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP) is a proactive step you take in collaboration with our team to minimize the effect of a water loss and get your back to business in record time. One of our managers visits your site, becoming familiar with your layout and operations. An evaluation of your commercial property’s strengths and vulnerabilities permits us to make recommendations that could save you from severe damage to the building’s structure, equipment, and contents if a water event occurs. 

You use the SERVPRO mobile app to add details and set out priorities. Identify key vendors and contractors for us to contact if we have questions during remediation. Share information about the location of utility shut-offs and critical documents. Designate trusted employees or others who can act in your stead if you are out of town or otherwise unavailable during the emergency.

Taken together the two parts of the SERVPRO ERP provide a concise, digital blueprint for our team to follow in the event of a water crisis at your business. The documents make it clear you choose us to meet your restoration needs, and the confidence you and your customers feel knowing our industry-leading team is on your side smooths the process. 

Contact us at (631) 476-5300 to schedule a walk-through to start the ERP process. SERVPRO of Port Jefferson is eager to partner with you and your workforce to prepare for the worst by working with the best. 

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Red Flag Warning

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

What is a Red Flag Warning!?

Red Flag warning means warm temperatures, very low humidities and stronger winds are expected to combine to produce an increased risk of fire danger. 

Red fag warning are issued to inform area firefighting and land management agencies that conditions are ideal for wildland fire combustion.

If you are allowed to burn in your area, all burn barrels must be covered with a weighted metal cover, with holes no larger than 3/4 of an inch.

  • Do not throw cigarettes or matches out of a moving vehicle. They may ignite dry grass on the side of the road and become a wildfire. 
  • Extinguish all outdoor fires properly. Drown fires with plenty of water and stir to make sure everything is cold to the touch. Dunk charcoal in water until cold. Do not throw live charcoal on the ground and leave it.
  • Never leave a fire unattended. Sparks or embers can blow into leaves or grass, ignite a fire, and quickly spread. 

Smoke Damage After a Fire

3/27/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke Damage After a Fire

Residential and commercial fires can be devastating. Even a minor fire can cause major damage to a property. What most people may not realize is that the actual flames are only one part of the damage that occurs during a fire. Many times, smoke damage is significantly worse.

Smoke is a byproduct of most fires, leaving your home or business smelling like charcoal. Smoke is visible because it contains tiny particles of carbon and other materials and becomes trapped in fabrics, upholstery, and carpeting.

Oftentimes smoke can cause headaches or make you feel physically ill. For those with asthma, allergies, or chronic lung diseases, odors from smoke and fires can increase your symptoms or cause sudden attacks.

Cleaning and Deodorizing Smoke Damage

While you may be able to clean and deodorize smoke damage on your own, prolonged exposure increases the chances of lingering odors. Since smoke can travel much further than flames, it may be necessary to clean and deodorize several rooms or your entire property.

Smoke restoration is the process of removing smoke odors after a fire. The exact deodorization process will vary depending on the extent of the fire smell and the type of materials involved.

Upholstery and fabrics are often dry cleaned with special chemical deodorizers to neutralize the smell. Carpeting is often treated with deodorizing chemicals, then either steam or dry cleaned. Porous materials like drywall and wood often require ozone treatments to completely remove fire smells.

Smoke odors may persist even after cleaning up soot and fire damage. Successfully deodorizing after a fire requires immediate action. These actions may include treating surfaces with commercial deodorizing chemicals specifically designed to neutralize smoke smells.

For persistent or overwhelming smoky smells, it may be necessary to use an ozone generator. These machines produce ozone (O3) molecules that help to remove fire and smoke odors.

SERVPRO is an experienced smoke damage restoration company. Our crews are experienced in cleaning and deodorizing smoke smells after a fire.

SERVPRO’s technicians use commercial grade equipment to remove smoke odors and clean fire damage. From carpeting and upholstery to walls and cabinets, we will deodorize your home or business after smoke damage.

Let SERVPRO of Port Jefferson give you peace of mind in an emergency. Call 631-476-5300