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Commercial Building Water Damage

This popular children's entertainment company recently flooded due to a sprinkler suppression system failure. SERVPRO of Port Jefferson immediately went to work... READ MORE

Have you ever had a fire damage?

Yikes a fire damage can be very upsetting and devastating to anyone. Our initial fire damage restoration process involves a detailed inspection and assessm... READ MORE

Tips to prevent basement flooding

Re-Grade the PerimeterCheck your soil and foundation surrounding the perimeter of your home rests on a slight incline to encourage drainage away from the house.... READ MORE

April 5, 2018

SERVPRO of Port Jefferson had the opportunity to join in on the event called LIVE BURN - TO LEARN- This event was geared towards adjuster; whom also received CE... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss - Port Jefferson

The water restoration process is an important one. Using the right procedures and materials can help people save cherished belongings and even prevent their hom... READ MORE

Got Mold? Centereach Home 2018

The level of humidity within the home is an important factor. Although it may not be immediately apparent, a high level of moisture in the air will promote mold... READ MORE

Stony Brook - Water Damage

The most common safety hazards associated with water damaged structures result in slips and falls. Additional hazards that require technicians to use appropriat... READ MORE

East Morchies - Water Damage

Restoration of an item to preloss condition may not be possible when it has suffered irreparable damage due to contact with moisture, contamination, or physical... READ MORE

Water damage - Centereach

Water intrusion will affect building materials both immediately and over time. Damage that occurs immediately by direct contact with water is referred to as pri... READ MORE

Selden - Sewage Backup

Toilet over flow? sewage backup? Ever have a stinky situation. Well these type of unforeseen damages could pose potential risks. Immediate action is needed... READ MORE