Water Damage Photo Gallery

Floor mat drying system

If you have an emergency water damage SERVPRO of Port Jefferson should be first on your list to contact.  As seen in the above photo SERVPRO of Port Jefferson uses the most efficient drying techniques to salvage saturated wood floors and dry them in place, saving the home owner or the insurance adjuster thousands of dollars and the headache of having to replace a hardwood floor.  Restoring the home to a state, "Like it never even happened."

Southampton Water Damage

SERVPRO of Port Jefferson is fast to respond to any disaster in your home.  The above loss in a kitchen created a mess for this homeowner.  SERVPRO of Port Jefferson arrived within an hour and had all standing water cleaned up.  Drying equipment was placed, and the home was restored to its previous condition.  SERVPRO of Port Jefferson dried the home to dry standards and within 3 days the homeowner was back to living normally in their dry home.

When a water damage goes untreated

When a water damage is untreated for over a span of time that time creates secondary damage such as mold. As you can see a simple water damage turned into a bigger problem. 

East Setauket Water Removal

Did you suffer a Flood in your home? SERVPRO of Port Jefferson can handle all types of Flood/ Waters damage from storms, broken pipes or sewer backups.  You name it we can handle it! 

Supporting Tricounty IIAA

Take a look at SERVPRO of Port Jefferson / Stony Brook's ladies attending an event for the Tri-County Independent Insurance Agents Association Installation dinner. We love to support our local association!

Frozen Pipe Season is upon us

Freezing air and fluctuating temperatures make your property prone to a water damage resulting from frozen pipes.

When water is exposed to freezing temperatures, it begins to expand resulting in increased water pressure and a possible pipe burst. Water damages incurred from pipe bursts often result in a fairly significant amount of damage in both residential and commercial properties. 

Should you discover a frozen pipe, it is important to take immediate action to help prevent any damage from occurring. There are several ways that you can heat and thaw frozen pipes. First you should conduct a thorough check to ensure the pipe has not burst and is not leaking, you also want to ensure the water is turned off. Then, you want to simply heat up the pipe by using a space heater, heat lamp or hair dryer. Wrapping a frozen pipe in thermostatically controlled heat tape may also help.