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Setauket Residents Use Professional Restoration Services to Remove Soot, Smoke, and Odors From their Homes

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO has the skilled technicians your property needs for thorough and effective fire damage remediation. Call the experts today at (631) 476-5300.

SERVPRO of Port Jefferson is a Licensed Fire Restoration Service for Setauket Residents.

The township of Setauket is a suburb on New York's Long Island. Based in the Suffolk County District of Long Island, the small village by Port Jefferson played a considerable role in the war for independence. Considered a part of the gateway region, Setauket's early period was fraught with military invasions as it formed a tactical battleground for forces coming across the Atlantic. Setauket was established as a rural farming community as early as the 17th century. The region has a considerable history, and many early settler buildings remain to this day. Setauket's population is around 15,000, but the nearby Stony Brook University ensures that local businesses continue to thrive, serving the 24,500 students. While primarily a residential area of Long Island, the American Revolutionary War's unique history ensures that the site receives tourism throughout the year. 

Setauket gained some pop-culture recognition in the United States with the release of AMC's TURN. The hit show tells the story of the Culper Spy Ring, which fed crucial information on French and British troops' military movements to the American forces. The show starred Jamie Bell and was released in 2014 but has recently been picked up by Netflix. The 1777 Battle of Setauket was fought at the village green on what is today, Mainstreet. Patriot forces took cover from loyalist gunfire and set up a cannon behind a vast rock to return fire, commemorated as Patriots Rock. The area is now owned by The Three Village Community Trust, which maintains the 3.5-acres and the Setauket Mill Pond running South of Main Street. The combination of the Culper Spy Ring and Setauket's battle was influential during the American Revolutionary War in undermining the British forces and, notably, counterfeiting continental currency- which subsequently had to be retired. 

  • Geographically the Setauket region comprises both West and East areas bordering Port Jefferson and Stony Brook. Stony Brook University is a part of the State University of New York and is one of four other universities. 
  • Despite being founded recently in 1957, Stony Brook has a strong reputation for research and technological innovation. One of the founding members of hedge fund Renaissance Technologies was Stony Brook University, Professor James Harris Simons. The fund has since become one of the most profitable in the United States. 
  • Aside from universities, Setauket also has a strong reputation for producing gifted young people. The Ward Melville High School on Old Town Road has a national prominence thanks to its inSTAR program that supports STEM subjects and research. The high school has several young scientists reaching the later stages of the Intel Science Talent Search, which accepts around 1,800 high school science papers each year and offers a first prize of $250,000.

Historical Places in Setauket

  • The Three Village Historical Society is a must-see for those passing through East Setauket. In 1964 the founding of the historical society began with Setauket's many areas being earmarked for potential historical significance. In 1998, the organization brought its first headquarters at North Country Road. Relive the incredible history of the American Revolutionary War with Culper Spy Day, which occurs periodically throughout the year and invites guests to explore the unique design of muskets, the house of spy Dr. Thompson and Abraham Woodhull.
  • Setauket Neighborhood House is another piece of Long Island and US history preserved by the Three Village Historical Society. Situated on Main St., the property continues to be part of the active contemporary community of Port Jefferson and Setauket. Community events include drama performances, poetry readings, art exhibitions, and tours of the building itself. There are also rental rooms available for residents and visitors. To book spaces for events, you can contact the Three Village Historical Society directly through their website.
  • The Old Field Lighthouse is reachable by the walking trails along Sand Beach and was initially constructed in 1868. In regular service times, visitors can enter the lighthouse and observe Connecticut and the bay's fantastic views. The lighthouse borders both Port Jefferson and Stony Brook Harbor with architectural similarities to many mid-nineteenth century lighthouses built across the Northern Coast.
  • Setauket Presbyterian Church was annexed by British invasion forces during the American Revolutionary War and fortified into a stronghold that fended off troops' attacks in Connecticut. Thanks to the information provided to George Washington by the  Culper Spy Ring, it was eventually returned to US forces. The Presbyterian and Caroline Churches still have bullets from the battles fought on the Village Green.

Smoke Damages Can Be Odorous and Difficult to Remove without Professional Assistance from SERVPRO of Port Jefferson.

Smoke and odors can come in different shapes and sizes. Some smoke residues may respond to specific cleaning products, whereas those same products could cause further harm to ulterior smoke stains. SERVPRO technicians thoroughly test your home for the types of smoke damage present in the property and tailor a restoration to your unique needs. One way of assessing the type of smoke damage is to observe the types of materials that burn. Synthetic materials tend to produce oily, wet smokes, which usually require powerful solvents to dissolve and remove. On the other hand, when natural materials like wood combust, they release dry soot particles, often cleaned with household detergents or through light vacuuming. 

  • Our technicians work quickly with your insurance adjuster to produce a verbal estimate and give you an accurate timeframe for the restoration process. 
  • State-of-the-art cleaning methods include ultrasonic cleaning, mechanical cleaning, and pH testing for acidic or alkaline smoke types. 
  • Odor Control Technicians (OCT) can deploy a range of odor-controlling materials in the home and use venting fans or air filtration devices to restore your indoor air quality. 

Smokes can cause extensive harm to your home, which could be exacerbated by certain cleaning products. Contact SERVPRO of Port Jefferson at (631) 476-5300.

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